End of an Epic Battle

Black Computer Keyboard

Have you ever had one of those technological battles that seems to go round and round in circles with no end in sight? The kind of battle where you find a problem A, which you fix. Then you find a new problem B. So you fix B only to find out that you’ve now got problem C. Fix C and A comes back again. Find a way to fix A and C at the same time, but now problem D rears its ugly head. Fix D and and C. Phew, sorted…oh…wait B is back to haunt me again. Arrggghhhhhh!!!!!

I’ve just had that kind of battle with enabling HTTPS for this site. I don’t understand why, when I’m trying to implement fairly standard main stream solutions, I seem to end up slightly non-standard with no-one else having had quite the same problem as I’m experiencing.

Anyway, suffice to say I battled on and managed to fix problems A, B, C and D and possibly E, F and G all at the same time. The way things are going I’ll soon be wanting to talk about watching the weather rather than fiddling with bits of slightly non-functional IT!

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