Tricky problems!


Today has been a bit frustrating. There’s been a problem with the login page that I’ve been trying to fix for a couple of days. I’ve been digging deep into the bowels of the system (theme, web/browser/object caches, HTTPS to HTTPS redirections, etc) trying to figure it out. I think I’ve fixed it now, but I’ll wait for feedback from people who saw it regularly before claiming victory. From another perspective, it’s been useful to learn more about the internals of the system so it’s not all bad news.

This has kept me away from the real purpose of the Community – the weather. I’m trying to think of ideas to help generate some interesting content that can engage others. One idea I had that I think is relatively easy to implement is creating a group to capture images of the weather from around the world at noon on a particular day. So on Wednesdays, for example, at noon local time, take a photo of some interesting local weather, or if there’s nothing interesting, just a picture of the sky looking in a particular direction. I think it would be interesting to compare the weather from around the world in this way. It would be interesting to hear what you think about this.

If you have any ideas of how something about the weather that you’d like to discuss then create a group and we’ll publicise it. If others want to join in then they can.

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  • I would participate in uploading local weather images …. sounds like a great idea!

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