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WXSIM (Weather Simulator) is a powerful, truly one-of-a-kind tool for forecasting, or just plain studying weather. Its primary purpose is providing accurate, detailed forecasts tailored for your specific location, using a combination of imported real-time and model data (from the internet, plus optionally from your home weather station) and its own internal modeling capabilities. It can even improve its forecasts by learning from past results!
Here are some of the ways WXSIM‘s hundreds of registered users have employed the program over the last 25+ years:
  • Generating forecasts for a home weather station, using its data.
  • Professional forecasts for clients (i.e. for media, agriculture, electrical energy load forecasting, and wind turbines).
  • Forecasting for recreation (i.e. sailing, soaring, and snow skiing).
  • Education, including teaching forecasting skills.
Here are some of the things that WXSIM can forecast (out to 9 days):
  • Temperature (2 meters above ground, 5 different altitudes above surface, 5 sub-surface depths, at grass surface, plus wind chill factor).
  • Dew point, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, heat index, and humidex, 2 meters above the surface.
  • Wind speed (and gust strength) and direction 10 meters above the surface, plus wind speed for 2 other heights for wind turbines.
  • Cloud cover and opacity at 5 different heights.
  • Precipitation type and intensity, plus snow depth and ice accumulation (including melting and sublimation).
  • Stability parameters and likelihood of thunderstorms or severe convection.
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